Northowram Fields CC First XI squad

First XI

Captain : John Lister

Has a lot to contend with (brittle bone disease and a Man Utd 'supporter') and has endured a few quiet seasons with the bat. In his defence, his opportunities have been limited and there's a body of feeling within the Club that he could score very heavily given a chance away from the bright lights (and fast bowling) of the First XI. Put him in your list at the risk of injury, however.
Josh Bennett
New signing Josh is a 7' 4'' quick bowler currently doing a degree in 'stained glass window studies' at Leeds University. He suffered a debilitating bout of glandular fever over the winter, though it's never easy to tell with students whether they're actually poorly or simply can't be arsed to get out of bed. Hopefully, Josh will become a regular fixture in the Senior teams this summer.
Zafar Khan
Quick bowler who signed mid-way through the 2011 season. Zaff bowls a 'heavy ball' and will be hoping to take a bucket load of wickets in 2012.
Dru Patel
Fast bowler and classy middle-order batsman when he's on his game. Appearances were limited in 2011 due to having more holidays than Judith Chalmers, a situation which surely won't repeat itself in 2012. Or will it?
Jason Smith
Multi-talented sportsman who successfully juggles a hectic and complicated private life with playing for numerous sporting teams. Hasn't had the full opportunity to reveal the true extent of his cricketing ability in recent seasons but could amass a mammoth  points total if he gets an extended run in the 2nd XI. And that despite the wettest, slackest wrists in the Club. 
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