Founded: 1907 as Northowram St. Matthews C.C.

Ground: Westercroft Lane

Local Landmark: Northowram Hedge Top C.C.

Former Grounds: Shibden Park, Only House Farm, Stocks Arms

Greatest Moment: In 2000 the 1st XI scooped the Central Yorkshire League Division 2 title, while the 2nd XI netted the Division 4 championship.

Local Hero: Ann Greenwood – or ‘Mrs Cricket’ as she is known at the club

Bizarre Fact: In 1959 the club paid out £62 1 4 in motor mower repair expenses – its largest single item of expenditure!

Northowram Fields C.C. were formed originally as Northowram St. Matthew’s C.C. in 1907 and linked to the local parish church.

At first, Northowram St. Matthew’s (occasionally referred to as Northowram Parish Church C.C.) played at Shibden Park.

They then moved to a farmer’s field at Only House Farm around 1912, then a field just above the Stocks Arms, which is now a housing estate.

The club originally played in the Halifax & District Church Sunday School League and in 1920 they moved to Westercroft Lane.

To help pay for the move, the club staged a special dance!

Many cricket clubs were affected, fatally, by the coming of the Second World War.

Some disappeared, never to be seen again; others disbanded, temporarily, only to come again in a different shape and form in the immediate post-war years.

St. Matthews C.C. (as was) appear to be a case in point and seem to fall into the second category.

The cricket club that played at Westercroft Lane before the war re-formed in 1948 – but instead of being known as Northowram Parish Church C.C. or St. Matthew’s C.C., the new club came to be known simply as Northowram C.C..

Like all new organisations, Northowram Cricket Club marked its birth with a set of rules.

The aim was to provide ‘facilities’ for the ‘men and youths’ of the village. There was also an emphasis on good, disciplined behaviour.

The fact that the details of the club AGM had to be publicised in the windows of at least three local shops also implied that most players lived and shopped in the village.

The original pavilion at Westercroft Lane was built in 1959. A special photograph of the building was taken in 1989 to celebrate its 30th year – and this now hangs in the clubhouse today.

In 1997 Northowram C.C. merged with Fields C.C. Both clubs had been competing in the Bradford Central Cricket League up until this point.

The ambition of the new merged club heralded a move into the Central Yorkshire League for the 2000 season. And the club’s impressive scorebox was erected in 2001.