Northowram Fields CC Occasional Player squad

James Goodwin
Only playing member of the Gallagher family left at the club! Obviously several other Gallaghers can often be found in the club bar with a pint, or big Frank(alias colonel) all over the place keeping the club running. Back to Cotter, talented bowler, great to have him back in the stiffs getting wickets.
Jason Goodwin
Son of big Frank Gallagher, Jason's playing days are possibly past him now at the age of 27! Some suggestions that he should now take up opera singing like his lookalike Pavarotti!
Daniel Hensby
Rockstar of NFCC.
Steve Hird
Built the new Clubhouse almost single-handedly.
Was supposed to have retired several years ago but, having been the driving force behind the Barmy Army's back-to-back promotion seasons, is now back up in class for 2012 as the 2nd XI supremo. Will his notoriously dodgy back stand up to it, will he be able to unite a traditionally disparate bunch of cricketers, will he still be able to 'scare' anyone who isn't a thirteen year old off just three strides? All questions that will be answered by the end of May.
Rob Larner
Top-order First XI batsman who staved off being dropped by rediscovering something approaching his best form in the second half of 2011, almost certainly on account of fatherhood and domestic bliss. Comfortably the most disorganised man at NFCC. How many games will he play in 2012?
Greg Lloyd
Joined the club in 2006 and enjoys his football (The Potters and The Shaymen) as well as his cricket. Right arm bat & bowl who puts a bit of shape on it! Still learning his trade in his late 50's and puts the young pups to shame in the field. Has been suffering a severe case of 'Facebook Fever' over the last year or so.
Matthew Lloyd
Wholehearted seam bowler, improving slogger and one of the nicest guys at the Club. Eats pies for fun yet still likely to rack up plenty of points by virtue of playing 48 matches a season.  
Josh Norcliffe
Big Nocker

U 17's, II & III team leg spinner.
Heath Philipson
Many thought he'd never play again. Many thought they didn't want to see him play again. But he returned from a long period of self-imposed exile in 2011 with devastating results. 349 runs from just 6 innings at an average of nearly 90. Since then, he's embarked on a fitness regime the intensity of which is scarcely believable and, as a result, is fully expected to top 1,000 runs in 2012.  
Chris Thompson
Thirty years, man & boy for NFCC. His wicket-taking skills weren't on show as often as usual in 2011, but his increasingly close relationship with the new captain should ensure he bowls more overs in 2012. No. 11 slot rumoured to be under threat. Also known for his witty voiceover work on a popular ITV gaffes show.
Gary Worley
New arrival having been at Woodlands and East Bierley