Northowram Fields CC NFCC Club Members squad

NFCC Club Members

Captain : Stephen Goodwin

Knows everything there is to know about the beautiful game.  Correctly predicted his return to action would bring about the III team championship in 2010. His 17-ball over in mid-summer won't be forgotten in a hurry by those who were fortunate enough to witness it, whilst his Master of Ceremonies display at the end-of-season dinner was arguably even funnier.

Vice Captain : Peter Atkinson

Jason Goodwin
Son of big Frank Gallagher, Jason's playing days are possibly past him now at the age of 27! Some suggestions that he should now take up opera singing like his lookalike Pavarotti!
Karen Goodwin
Married to Stephen Goodwin
Rachel Goodwin
The Colonel's daughter and retired 1st team scorer.
Steve Hird
Built the new Clubhouse almost single-handedly.
Was supposed to have retired several years ago but, having been the driving force behind the Barmy Army's back-to-back promotion seasons, is now back up in class for 2012 as the 2nd XI supremo. Will his notoriously dodgy back stand up to it, will he be able to unite a traditionally disparate bunch of cricketers, will he still be able to 'scare' anyone who isn't a thirteen year old off just three strides? All questions that will be answered by the end of May.
Robert Horner
committee member & legend of NFCC.
Ian Larner
Older and wiser brother of the former 1st team opener. Served NFCC well over the years, good right arm bat/middle order slog! Definitely the worst runner between the wickets ever seen who, after taking a single, looks like he may keel over. Breathes like "Darth Vader". Good in the field when he was 12.
Greg Lloyd
Joined the club in 2006 and enjoys his football (The Potters and The Shaymen) as well as his cricket. Right arm bat & bowl who puts a bit of shape on it! Still learning his trade in his late 50's and puts the young pups to shame in the field. Has been suffering a severe case of 'Facebook Fever' over the last year or so.
Paul Mitchell
Formerly the best wicketkeeper in the CYCL and now the best leg spinner in the Halifax League. An outstanding servant to NFCC over the years who should have won the Player of the Year on more than one occasion and has now been rewarded with his own Junior team. Sure to go for plenty of runs in the Third XI in 2012 but he'll take plenty of wickets, too.
Amanda Moore
I'm a contact lens optician
My son Isaac James plays for the juniors
David Moore
Grandfather of Lewis Moore.  Bob Horner's driver.  Goody's assistant.  Chairman.
Valerie Moore
Wife of David Moore
Josh Norcliffe
Big Nocker

U 17's, II & III team leg spinner.
Sam Thompson
Married to Chris Thompson
Simon Walker
Only started playing cricket to learn from Messrs Goody and Fozzy. It's been a privilege and life-enhancing experience so far.
Rita Wood
Been a NFCC follower for several years, better known as Roger's other half.
Roger Wood
Better known as Rita's other half. Well over 21 these days, and happy to support NFCC in whatever way we can...